Triple Flute Concerto with String Orchestra

Brooklyn’s Metro Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Philip Nuzzo, premiered the commissioned Triple Flute Concerto by Deon Nielsen Price on May 17, 2015 at St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Brooklyn, New York. The unique group of solo instruments included two C-flutes, one of which doubled on piccolo, and an alto flute, plus string orchestra and three percussion players. The wonderful soloists were Anna Urrey, Mary Kerr, and Brandon George. The music had an improvisatory feeling and yet was also thoughtful and sensitive. The programmatic content of the concerto concerned innocent children who suffer all the wrongs of the world including poverty, abuse, and human trafficking.

The first movement, entitled “Andante: Wondrous Child – Vivace: Ominous Exuberance,” evinced the playfulness of children through the runs performed by the flutes that seemed to stop and say “You can’t catch me,” before running away again. The second movement, “Adagio: Stolen Innocence,” in AAB form, was a lovely interlude. The third movement, a mischievous rondo, “Allegretto: Flickering Hope,” was well-named. The music for the flutes included some extended techniques, such as multiphonics, jet whistles, and air tones, which added color to the 18-minute work. The balance of the program included excerpts from Don Giovanni with “Batti,Batti” sung beautifully by soprano Daphne Mamoulides, and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in a glorious performance.

Review by Beth Anderson (Journal of the International Alliance for Women in Music Volume 21, No. 2 2015)