Triple Flute Concerto, solo C flutes, solo alto flute, string orchestra, full score


I Andante Wondrous Child – Vivace Ominous Exuberance II Adagio Stolen Innocence III Allegretto Flickering Hope

“I am deeply concerned for the multitude of desperate youth who are living in pain and suffering as their lives are being abused and violated. Born pure and innocent and energetic, many are subjected to humiliation, discrimination and mistreatment, living in such situations as poverty, lack of education, lack of jobs, ignorance, split families, inadequate child labor laws, extreme religious practices, war, and ultimately, greedy perpetrators. I anger at lucrative global human trafficking that includes widespread abduction of children to be sold as sex slaves or into forced labor on farms and in factories. It is my intent that the sadness, grief, and hope expressed in this music will help increase general awareness and encourage persons and organizations to alleviate the suffering both in the United States and throughout the world.”

Deon Nielsen Price, February, 2015

C Flutes 1, 2, Alto Flute and String Orchestra

Deon Nielsen Price (ASCAP)


Composition Year

Publication Year

Recording Information
Video of 1st performance in 2015 on YouTube.

Beth Anderson (Journal of the International Alliance for Women in Music)

Performance Information
5/17/2015 Premiere Anna Urrey, Mary Kerr, Brandon George, flutes, Metro Chamber Orchestra, Phil Nuzzo, Maestro, St Ann’s and the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn NY.

4/10/2016 West Coast Premiere Culver City Chamber Orchestra, Arlette Cardenes, conductor, Culver City/Palms (CA) Methodist Church


Violin, Viola, ViolonCello, Double-bass, Flute, Percussion


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