What performers say about Deon Nielsen Price’s music

“The music written by Deon Price possesses a unique coupling of rhythmic ingenuity and vitality with a keen, sensitive lyricism.” –Dr. Douglas Masek, saxophonist

“I strongly feel that all of Deon Price’s compositions, each with a certain theme and mood, convey a message, which I think is the reason audiences like them. They all contain musical ideas, with neo-romantic flavoring, which the performer can easily convey. I have performed many, many modern compositions by composers at the Tanglewood Music Festival and for Lukas Foss’ contemporary music festival, but the most enthusiastic audience response has been when I have played pieces by Deon Nielsen Price.” –Ayke Agus, violinist, pianist and former assistant to Jascha Heifetz

About the Passcaglia and Allegra Barbara: “Dr. Price has the ability to draw out the greatest talents of the musicians for whom she writes. Her music requires performers to use all their skills, which makes the experience of doing her music a challenging and exciting one. She writes particularly well for the voice, which comes as a wonderful surprise in the Allegra Barbara.” –Dr. Barbara Allen, pianist and soprano

About To The Children of War: “…It begins innocently, full of childhood naïveté and charm. However, once Price has your guard down, she takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride, plunging the listener into the despair of torture chambers, through the anxiety of alienation to the comfort of compassion, until she finally arrives at the triumph of self-determination. In this work, Price masterfully combines the best elements of minimalism and romanticism to create a style of vocal writing which is fresh and unique. Her vocal lines are full of nuance, being true to the poetic impetus of Maya Angelou. Price’s keen realization of the voice’s finite nature does not, however, restrict her writing challenging vocalism. This piece is as much a jot to sing as it has proven to be a joy for the listener.” –Darryl Taylor, tenor