Accompanying Skills for Pianists

Accompanying Skills for Pianists is the kind of book every accompanist yearns for. Not only is the writing a model of clarity, but the numerous useful musical examples and the manner in which they are discussed and integrated into text, focus on the most vital and frequently encountered problem areas in this sometimes unappreciated profession. The useful quality and artistic merits of this book cannot be overemphasized. Areas such as Stylistic Insights; Skills for Specific Historical Periods; Reaching Agreement Democratically; Rehearsing On Stage, and others, help clarify many potentially difficult situations.

As a practicing accompanist for forty years, I immediately related to every chapter and point. My suggestion to all pianists: rush out and get this book immediately! You will find yourself referring to it time and time again.

Maurice Hinson
Professor of Music (Piano)
Southern Baptist Theology Seminary
Author/Music Editor/Pianist