Three Faces of Kim, the Napalm Girl, Duo for violin and piano, score, part


Soulful, Playful, Fearful

Soulful – quarter tones; Playful – fast chromatic passages: Fearful – virtuosic and bombastic

Piano sc/Pt; Violin

Deon Nielsen Price


Composition Year

Publication Year

Recording Information
1990 “Fearful” recorded on SunRays: Music of Deon Nielsen Price Cambria CD-1056 (1996) by Ayke Agus violin & Deon Nielsen Price, piano

Performance Information
4/8/03 Seoul, Korea, International Women in Music Festival, Kumho Art Center, Wharim Kim,violin/ Deon Nielsen Price, piano; 11/6/1996 Fearful MTAC Orange Co.; 3/3/1990 Univ. Calif. Riverside Contemporary Music Series/NACUSA; 6/10/1990 Sempre Musica, Santa Monica California; 10/22/1990 Brookville Borough Council on the Arts Pennsylvania; 8/14/1991 Sant Quinti de Mediona, Spain; 8/7/1991 La Seu d’Urgell Spain Intl Festival; 8/10/1991 Royal Monastery Santes Creus Intl Festival Spain; 6/13/1992 Valls, Spain; 6/27/1992 Allella (Barcelona) Spain; 6/?/1992 Tarragona Concert; 2/8/1997 “Fearful” Los Angeles Mu Phi Epsilon; 6/3/1997 MTAC-West Los Angeles; Ayke Agus violin, D.N.Price, piano

(amazing performances – standing ovations)


Piano, Violin

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