Crosswinds at Crossroads, flute, clarinet, bassoon, score, parts


Gale, Zephyr, Gusts, Whirlwind, Sea Breeze, Dust Devil, Becalmed, Monsoon

Crosswinds (1987) was written for the CROSSWINDS TRIO?? (Zachary Valenzuela, Berkeley Price, and Peter Mandell?)students at the Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences, when Price was on the faculty there. Extended instrumental techniques are used in sections of the composition to portray various types of winds, such as in “Sea Breeze,” in which the players finger and blow into the instruments with the mouthpieces removed.

According to the Beaufort Scale, a gale is a strong, 32-63 mile per hour wind with the force of a storm. A zephyr is a gentle breeze from the west about 8-12 mph. Gusts are sudden brief rushes of wind. A whirlwind is shaped like a funnel, but changing and progressively less powerful, dissipating as it reaches the top. A sea breeze is a fresh, cooling breeze about 10 mph. A dust devil is a small whirlwind which contains sand or dust. Becalmed refers to still air with no breeze. A monsoon has the violent strength of a hurricane.

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Deon Nielsen Price


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Recording Information
2000/on SunRays II: City Views Cambria CD-1122; Zachary Valenzuela, flute; Berkeley Price, clarinet; Peter Mandell, bassoon.

Performance Information
1987 Premiere by The CROSSWINDS TRIO: Zachary Valenzuela, flute, Berkeley Price, clarinet, Peter Mandell, bassoon, Roth Hall, The Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences, Santa Monica, CA; July 13, 2010 Sea Breeze and Dust Devils from Crosswinds Trio, Sea Winds Trio (Susan Greenberg, flute, Carolyn Beck, bassoon, Helen Goode-Castro, clarinet) Annenberg Beach House Cultural Events, CA


Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon

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