Crossroads Alley Trio, violin, clarinet, piano, score, parts


The Alley/Night in the Alley/Feline Love Duet/Pacific Breeze/Willfull Student/Determined Teacher/Confrontation

Piano Sc/Pts: Bb Cl/Vln


Deon Nielsen Price




Composition Year
1985, 1987


Publication Year


Recording Information
1996 SunRays: Music of Deon Nielsen Price. Ayke Agus, violin; Douglas Masek, clarinet; D.N.Price, piano. Cambria CD-1056


Performance Information
11/7/1993 Discovery Series South Bay Center for the Arts CA; 6/4/1995 Jeanne Evan’s concerts, Idylwild, CA; Ayke Agus, violin, Michael Arnold, clarinet, D.N. Price, piano; 3/14/02 Mu Phi Epsilon Los Angeles, Virginia Frazier, violin, Berkeley Price clarinet, D.N. Price piano; 11/8/1985 Roth Hall Crossroads School, Santa Monica, CAlif. Richard Rintoul, viola, Berkeley Price, clarinet, Aeri Lee piano


Piano, Violin, Clarinet

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