Angelic Piano Pieces, 3rd Ed., piano solo


Pink Clouds and Harps, Angel Cookies, Descending Night, Cupid’s Darts, Snow Angels, Angels Dancing…, Green Tara, Cherubic Messenger

Angelic Piano Pieces (1994) belongs to Price’s body of musical works called Angelology, an appeal and tribute to the angels identified in many religions of the world which are represented in the multi-cultural City of Los Angeles. “Your angels are full of life and surprises! They are whimsical, shy , full of delight, sometimes sad, immensely wise, yet childlike, sometimes scary because I sense their power, but then not scary because I sense their humor. They are curious and full of fun and mischief in the way they dash our human concepts…” (George Craig McMillian, songwriter and teacher of Eastern philosophy) Angelic Piano Pieces are light-hearted pieces composed for Price’s piano students The humorous harmonies are improvised on keyboard patterns more than on traditional chords. “Pink Clouds and Harps” juxtaposes chromatic major triads. “Angel Cookies” is based on jazzy seventh chords. “Descending Night,” the name of a compassionate black angel statue at Hearst Castle on the California Coast, was composed for a young man’s first lesson and uses only black keys. “Snow Angels” uses only white keys. In “Cupid’s Darts” the right hand plays only the three white keys, C, D and E, while the left had plays only the three black keys F#, G# and A#. The right hand plays only black keys and the left hand only white keys in “Angels Dancing on Black and White Keys.” “Green Tara” is named for the angel lady of healing of the Tantra Buddhist monks in Tibet and is composed in a romantic style descriptive of her caring and passion. Composed in a tonality of E, the alien F-natural represents gongs. “Cherubic Messenger” is the piano solo interlude from Angel Trio (vln/cello/pno), another work in Angelology.

intermediate studies based on keyboard patterns

Deon Nielsen Price


Composition Year

Publication Year
1994, 1999, 2004

Recording Information
Deon Nielsen Price, piano; SunRays II: City Views, Cambria CD-1122, 2000

Performance Information
Deon Nielsen Price, piano; 2/6/2021 MPE video presentation; 211/2021 NACUSA-LA video presentation;5/16/09 75th Birthday Celebration Culver City CA; 3/26/06 California State University Dominguez Hills; 5/15/06 Stetson Univ. DeLand Florida; 1/9/05 Sempre Musica, Bubank CA; 6/7/05 University of Panama, Panama City; 4/24/05 Church of the Lighted Window in Praise of Music Series, La Canada CA; 4/17/01, 11/14/01 and 11/06/02 Fullerton College CA Recital Hall; 6/2/01 Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China; 6/5/01 Beijing Normal University, China; 6/6/01 China People’s University, Beijing; 6/7/01 Beijing Concert Hall; 10/14/01 “Angels Dancing” and “Green Tara” Hemet CA Community Concerts; 11/02/01 “Angels Dancing” Temple Square Concerts Salt Lake City, UT; 11/18/01 In Praise of Music Concerts La Canada CA; 3/18/2000 Univ. Unitarian Church Seattle; 3/23/2000 Washington St. Univ.Pullman; Washington; 3/27/2000 Chaffey College; 12/22/2000 and 12/12/01 Los Angeles L.D.S. Temple Hill Series; 1/8/99 and 12/2/00 Culver City CA Performing Arts; 3/18/00 Univ. Unitarian Church, Seattle WA; 3/21/00 Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA; 3/22/00 Univ. of Idaho, Moscow ID; 3/23/00 Washington State Univ.;3/27/00 Chaffey College Recital Hall, Rancho Cucamonga CA; 7/8/1999 St. Marks Hall, London England IAWM-ICWM; 7/10 Hyde Park Chapel, London England; 7/11/1999 ?? So. London England; 6/30/99, 5/12/00, 5/24/01, and 6/30/02 El Camino College Center for the Arts CA;1/29/99 West Virginia Univ; 1/28/99 West Virginia Wesleyan College; 1/24/99 McNeese State Univ. Louisiana; 1/22/99 Univ. of Southern Louisiana; 1/19/99 Abilene Christian Univ TX; 1/13/99 Brigham Young Univ. UT;1/8/99 City of Culver City CA; 10/8/1998 Los Angeles Mu Phi Epsilon; 12/27/98 Hemet Community Series CA;1/23/99 Louisiana State University; 4/16/98 Society of Composers Inc. Indiana University

1/9/1997 “Descending Night” Orange Coast Music Teachers Assoc., June Nelson, piano; 5/19/1997 West Los angleles Music Teachers Assoc. Lynleigh, Valerie, and Cassie Chamberlain; 7/7/1997 MTAC State Convention San Diego California, Heehyun Chung, piano; 7/27/02 Poly Theater, Beijing, China, Li Yun, piano;



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