Affects: A Santa Barbara Rhapsody, Duo for clarinet and piano, score, part


Ed. Michael Arnold

Alternating rhapsodic and vivace phrases give way to a largo affettuoso section that features ad libitum clarinet cadenzas colored with quarter tones and multiphonics

Sc/Pt: Bb clarinet/piano


Deon Nielsen Price, ASCAP




Composition Year


Publication Year


Recording Information
1996 SunRays: Music of Deon Nielsen Price Cambria CD-1056; Michael Arnold, Cl/Ayke Agus, Pno.


Performance Information
1990-Calif. St. University, Northridge; 10/18/1991 Festshrift, Music Library Assoc. 50th Anniversary, Pasadena Public Library; 4/30/1995 Wittgensteinhaus, Vienna, Austria; 4/30/1995 Church of Jesus Christ of L.D.S. Concert Vienna, Austria; Michael Arnold, Cl/Deon Nielsen Price, Pno;

2/3/1995 Kilbourn Hall Eastman School of Music Rochester, New York; 6/20?/1996 Church of J. C. of L.D.S. International Vienna, Austria; 6/27/96 Ch. of J. C. of L.D.S. Heidelberg Germany;

4/16/1998 Society of Composers, Inc at Indiana University, IN; 12/23/98 Temple Hill Series, Los Angeles CA; 7/8/1999 St. Marks Hall London, England IAWM/ICWM; 1/23/99 Louisiana St. Un. Baton Rouge, LA;1/24/99 McNeese St. Un. Lake Charles, LA;1/29/99 West Virginia Un. Morgantown, WV; Berkeley A. Price, Cl/D.N. Price, Pno


Piano, Clarinet

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