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To All Women Everywhere

formerly Mini-dramas
CategoryVocal Works » Song Cycles
InstrumentationHigh (soprano) Voice/sop sax or clar or flute and pno
ComposerCarol Lynn Pearson
Composition Year1983-1990
Publication Year2008
Performance Information
10/22, 23, 28/2009 "Your Voice", Alone", The Days We Shared" Valerie Miller, soprano, Daniel Kessner, flute; Dolly Eugenio Kessner, piano NACUSA concerts at Sant Monica and Pasaden Public Libraries and Los Angeles Valley College. 10/23/05 "To All Women Everywhere" Lynda-Sue Marks, soprano, Frank Basile, piano, St. Bede's Episcopal Church, Los Angeles; 3/9/06 Mu Phi Epsilon Series, Culver City, CA;; Lynda-Sue Marks, soprano, Deon Nielsen Price, piano; 3/22/03 Calif. St Univ. Stanislaus; 3/9/03 Deborah Kavasch, soprano, Deon Nielsen Price, piano, International Women's Day, Pasadena CA; 3/14/02 Mu Phi Epsilon Los Angeles, ?? soprano; 1/21/01 "Blown" In Praise of Music Series La Canada CA, Deborah Kavasch soprano, Berkeley Price, clarinet, Deon Price, piano; 7/8/1999 St. Marks Hall, London, England IAWM/ICWM, Lucille Field Goodman, soprano, Berkeley A. Price, clarinet, D.N. Price, piano; 8/13/1993 "Women's Lib", "To All Women Everywhere" Univ. Alaska Fairbanks, Lucille Field Goodman, soprano, Richard Nunemake, clarinet, Deon Price, piano. 10/25/1984 Premiere: Belgium Cultural Center Paris, France; 10/27/1984 FNAC Montparnasse, Paris France, Intl Congress on Women in Music; 3/8/1987 Brooklyn College of CUNY Conservatory of Music; Lucille Goodman Soprano, Paul Stewart Soprano Saxophone, Deon Price, piano. 3/9/1985 Calf. St. Univ. Northridge; 3/10/1985 Pacific Palisades Lutheran Church Series; 3/16/1985 Los Angeles Temple Hill Series; 4/1/1985 Los Angeles KPFK Live Performance; Jeanne Kostelic, soprano, Paul Stewart, saxophone, Deon Price, piano