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Digital Rhapsody

(formerly Vectoral Rhapsody)
CategoryInstrumental Works » Duos
InstrumentationSc/Pt: Alto Saxophone/Piano
ComposerDeon Nielsen Price
Composition Year1981
Publication Year1990
"The music written by Deon Price possesses a unique coupling of rhythmic ingenuity and vitality with a keen, sensitive lyricism." Dr. Douglas Masek.
Recording Information
1983 TownHall S34; Re-released 1991 SunRays II: City Views (Cambria CD-1122) Douglas Masek, alto saxophone; D.N. Price, piano. Audio excerpt and Digital Download:
Performance Information
4/2/1982 Intl. Congress on Women in Music Univ. Southern Calif. Douglas Masek, saxophone, D. N. Price, piano; 10/26/1984 FNAC Montparnasse Paris France; 3/16/1985 Los Angeles Temple Hill Series; 3/25/1986 Earlham College Artists Concerts Indiana; 4/1/1985 Music of the Americas KPFK Live Performance; 3/26/1985 Chapman College; 4/29/1985 Brand Library, Glendale California; 5/18/1986 Roth Recital Hall, Santa Monica, CA; 2/28/1987 Barnsdall Art Park Gallery Theater Los Angeles Performing Arts, Meet the Composer Grant; 2/17/1988 Loyola Marymount Univ. NACUSA, V. Rhapsody; 4/16/1988 Wyoming Arts Council, Central Wyoming College, Paul Stewart, A. sax/D.N. Price/Pno; 4/13/1988 KXLU Los Angeles Trilogy V. Rhapsody; 11/19/1988 Resident Artist, South Bay Center for the Arts. Douglas Masek, A. Sax/D.N.Price,Pno;