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Violin Concerto for Oneness

I Energico-Andante II Andante Cantabile III Energico Giocoso
CategoryInstrumental Works » Duos
ComposerDeon Nielsen Price (ASCAP)
Composition Year2013
Publication Year2014
Price$12.50 Sc&Pt
One reviewer wrote: “The energy and power of the opening told the audience that we were at “one” with the music…second movement was gorgeous and helped us find that oneness in a more quiet place within our selves…third movement was joyful energy.” (L. Field).
Recording Information
"Oneness, (Cambria CD 1223, 2014) Violin and Chamber Orchestra
Performance Information
Premiere April 27, 2013, Amanda Lo, violin, Metro Chamber Orchestra, Philip Nuzzo, conductor. St. Ann's and the Holy Trinity in Brooklyn, NY.