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Violin Concerto for Oneness

I Energico II Andante III Energico - Giocoso
CategoryLarge Ensembles » Concertos
CategoryLarge Ensembles » Orchestra
Instrumentationfl,ob,cl,bs,hn,tpt,tmb,timp,perc,solo vln, str; sc and E-parts
ComposerDeon Nielsen Price, ASCAP
Composition Year2012
Publication Year2013
Price8 1/2x14sc $95; 11x17sc $185
One reviewer wrote: “The energy and power of the opening told the audience that we were at “one” with the music…second movement was gorgeous and helped us find that oneness in a more quiet place within our selves…third movement was joyful energy.” (L. Field).
Recording Information
"Oneness" (Cambria CD-1223, 2014)
Performance Information
Premiere April 27, 2013, Amanda Lo, violin, Metro Chamber Orchestra, Philip Nuzzo, conductor. St. Ann's and the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, NY