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Diversions for Piano

Movements: Freeway Fugue, Desert Impression, Surf Dance, Quake Fantasy
CategoryInstrumental Works » Solos
ComposerDeon Nielsen Price
Composition Year1961, 1993
Publication Year1996
Recording Information
1996: Desert Impression and Surf Dance on SunRays: Music of Deon Nielsen Price, Cambria CD-1056 Excerpts and Digital Download:
Performance Information
6/16/09 75th birthday Celebration Culver City CA, 5/22/03 Culver City Music in the Chambers Series; 11/06/02 "Freeway Fugue" Fullerton California Recital Hall, 6/30/02 El Camino College Center for the Arts; 1/14/98 Women's Philharmonic Committee, Los Angeles; 9/8/98 Women's Philharmonic Comm. San Fernando Valley; 2/13/1997 W. Los Angeles; 7/14/1996 Church of J. C. of L.D.S. International Vienna, Austria; 7/27/96 Ch. of J. C. of L.D.S. Heidelberg Germany; 1/9/1995 Madsen Recital Hall, Brighm Young Univ.; 4/22/1994 Calif. St Polytechnic Univ. Pomona; 1/6/1995 Temple Square Concert, Salt Lake City, Utah; 1/8/95 Heber Utah Community Concert; 10/17/1994 Discovery Series So. Bay Center for the Arts CA; Deon Nielsen Price, piano; 3/6/1994 and 6/18/1994 Carisa Ruud, piano; El Camino College Recital Hall 3/6/1994 El Camino College; 6/18/1994 MTAC West Los Angeles, Carisa Ruud, piano; 6/29/1986 Ch of J. C. of L.D.S. Santa Monica Chamber Music Series; 3/3/1984 Los Angeles Temple Hill concerts; Deon Price, piano; 10/26/1984 FNAC Montparnasse Paris France;