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Mesuree Mexicana for Soprano Saxophone and Piano

formerly Mesuree
CategoryInstrumental Works » Duos
InstrumentationSc/Pt: Soprano Saxophone/Piano
ComposerDeon Nielsen Price
Composition Year1986
Publication Year1988
Mesuree (1981) originally composed for the MASEK-SMITH Duo (Soprano Saxophone/Guitar) who performed it often in the heart of historical downtown at the Los Angeles City Triforium. A lilting quasi-Latino dance rhythm with 6 + 4 beats in each bar creates the measured music referred to in the title. (Arranged 1985, for soprano saxophone and piano, recorded by the ECHOSPHERE Duo on Romantic Sax, 1985 Cambria CT-1018; arranged 1998 for clarinet and piano Price Duo performances.)
Recording Information
On Romantic Sax, 1988 Cambria CT-1018. ECHOSPHERE Duo-Paul Stewart, soprano saxophone; D.N. Price, piano
Performance Information
3/21/1988 live on KPFK Music of the Americas; 3/271988 Hemet CA Community Concert; 4/15/1988 Riverton Wyoming School Concerts; 4/16/1988 Arts in Action, Central Wyoming College; 5/12/1988 Los Angeles Pierce College Performing Arts Series; 6/24/1988 Alte Aule University of Heidelberg, Germany; 6/27/1988 Heidelberg Germany Church of Jesus Christ of L.D.S.; 7/28/1988 City of Corona CA Community Concerts; 11/14/1988 Live on KPFK Los Angeles Music of the Americas: 2/28/1987 City of Los Angeles Performing Arts/ Meet the Composer, Barnsdall Park; 3/8/1987 Brooklyn College of CUNY Conservatory of Music; 11/27/1987 ARISE Academy Pasadena CA; 1987 Saxophone Congress at Univ. California Irvine; 10/25/1986 Wilshire Ebell Grand Salon; Echosphere Duo-Paul Stewart, Soprano Saxophone, D.N. Price, piano. 8/7/1991 La Seu d'Urgell Intl Festival, Spain; 8/10/1991 Royal Monastery Santes Creus Intl Festival Spain: 6/27/1992 Alella (Barcelona) Spain; 6/?/1992 Tarragona, Spain; Douglas Masek, saxophones, D.N. Price, piano;